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Alpine Thread-works

Wolverine Duffel Bag

Wolverine Duffel Bag

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These duffel bags are the definition of Alpine Threadworks; function, simplicity and fill-it-full-of-gravel and-drag-it-behind-a-truck,durability. I am very proud of these unique duffel bags. These duffels are superior for 3 main reasons:

  1. Durability. The entire bag is double layer and the bottom is triple layer. Cordura outer fabric, truck-tarp/drybag liner fabric. Triple stitched seams.
  2. Waterproofness. Having two fabric layers means that I can do all the sewing to the outer Cordura fabric, then sew in the waterproof truck tarp liner fabric. This means that there are NO needle holes in the main portion of the waterproof truck-tarp fabric(except the end seams). The North Face® makes their duffels from a single layer of truck tarp fabric, which then gets peppered full of needle holes....sorry boys but that ain't waterproof!
  3. Function without excess. The main handles double as fully padded, articulated backpack straps. Carry the bag in traditional duffel style or use the very same handles to wear the duffel as a backpack so your hands are free to drink coffee and play with your i-thingy as you cruise the airport.

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