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Ski Guides Rescue Tarp **tie-in straps are separate product**

Ski Guides Rescue Tarp **tie-in straps are separate product**

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This tarp provides shelter and acts as an emergency toboggan to haul an injured skier to safety; a must for any professional skier or backcountry enthusiast. 

  • 2.25m by 2.75m tarp;
  • 670g without straps.  750g with tie-in straps 
  • 8 loops on outside edge of tarp allow for shelter-making;
  • Tarp velcros together to form an envelope for 4-5 people to sit under;
  • Tarp velcros together to form a bivi-sack;
  • Webbing 'cage' sewn to tarp allows for sled kit function:
    • 4 tie-in points per side
    • 3 handles per side — to lift victim into the machine, lodge, over obstacles etc.
    • 3 haul lines run underneath victim: you can drag victim from the front or rear.
  • This webbing 'cage' is structural unto itself; it does not rely on webbing sewn to fabric for strength. So, in the absolute worst-case scenario of all the fabric ripping off during an epic haul, the webbing 'cage' will still hold the victim securely;
  • ***Please note that tie-in straps are a separate product*** 
  • Tie in straps are a separate product because some folks prefer to use their cordalette to tie the patient in, as cord is a more multi-use item to be carrying. The straps are simple, reliable & easy to use; in a high stress situation is of value to some folks.
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