Powderface Pogies

$220.00 CAD ($235 with 3M)

Powderface Pogies are for cold weather riding on your bike with flat bars; Fatbikers swear by them! Pogies are mitts for your bike: they allow you to ride in cold temperatures with just thin gloves. You stay warm yet still have the dexterity to feel the controls of your bike.

  1. Simple and secure bar attachment system
  2. Gaunlet system that wraps the bar to prevent cold air getting in
  3. Webbing stiffener keeps hand opening open
  4. Internal powder/cold air cuff (does NOT impede your ability to remove hands)
  5. Warm. Designed so you can wear regular summer gloves in temps down to around -10°C. For colder temps (-15°C → -20°C) you only need thin winter gloves. Rough guideline only; varies from person-to-person. I'm happy to customize the amount of insulation.
  6. Machine washable
  7. Waterproof 500d outer fabric, multi layer fleece insulation, nylon liner
  8. Optional 3M reflective stripes (adds $15)

Size Reference Cuff Detail
Interior Heat Cuff