Cox Fanny

$200.00 CAD (incl. water bottle)

The name comes from one of the best alpine rides in Alberta (Cox Hill), and the first alpine ride I ever did waaaay back when I was ~12 years old.

This hip pack is for those who love the freedom-of-movement of not having a restrictive & sweaty backpack on; it really does feel good! The Cox comes with a 1liter ‘soft’ bottle, that is stored in an internal flap with an exit port in the bag for the valve to poke out of. You can drink while the bottle remains in the pack. One internal pocket, one external pocket, external accessory straps, and a car-key clip keep things organized. There is room inside for tools, a small jacket, food bars, cell phone, goggles Etc. See below video for more details on carrying capacity.

The Cox can be used on its own to carry all of your essentials (water, food, tools) for a short ride (~2h). For longer rides, I recommend combining the Cox Fanny with a Performance Satchel and a bike mounted water bottle for more capacity.

Cox Fanny Detail