Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q = question, SA = short answer, LA = long answer

Q: I need to get my repair/product order quickly! Do you do rush work?
SA: Sometimes.
LA: I will not push aside the timeline/needs of customers currently in line to make room for you. So, doing your item faster than the stated turnaround time means working overtime. Sometimes this is possible, sometimes not.

Q: How clean does my repair item need to be?
SA: Your item needs to have been washed and not used since being washed.
LA: I realize that, sometimes, it is not possible to wash all items prior to repair. Please do your best; turn packs and tents in-side out and get rid of the grit/pine needles, granola crumbs etc. My sewing machines operate in oil baths, so if your item drops sand and dirt, that grit goes straight into the oil bath and gets circulated throughout my sewing machines. That makes me **GRUMPY**!!

Q: How much will my repair cost?
SA: I need to see your item in person before I can give you a definitive price.
LA: Price estimations/guidelines can be viewed on the Repairs Page. All repair work is based on $45/hour + materials. Most of the work involved in repairs is the extremely time consuming task of dis-assembly that is required to gain access to the area needing repair. If the area needing repair is in an easy to reach place it will cost much less than a repair in a difficult to reach area. For example: a 1-inch rip in a flat, single layer tarp would cost $10 to patch. That same 1-inch rip in the bottom of an overnight backpack could cost $60 as I would need to remove the frame, take apart the side seams of the pack to gain access to the rip, fix the rip, sew the pack back together and put the frame back in.

Q:Can you repair my item that has a frame in it? (golf bag, rolling duffel, suitcase, etc)?
SA: If the frame is non-removable (rivits) then no. if the frame is removable (slide-in, velcro or bolts) then yes.
LA: In most cases I need to be able to get your item underneath my flat sewing machine in order to perform the repair. A frame severely limits my ability to put the item under my sewing machines. In most cases, I need to remove your frame before a repair is possible. If you remove the frame yourself, you will save money. If in doubt, I would be happy to look at your item for you.

Q:Do you repair footwear?
LA: I recommend Alpine Shoe Service (no relation) located at 1225 Kensington Road, NW, Calgary AB. Their phone number is 403-283-5224

Q:Can I ship my repair items to you?
SA: Yes.
LA: Please include your name, address, email, phone number and description of the problem in writing. Also, please mark the spot(s) needing repair. Send to: Alpine Threadworks #31 Chisholm Crescent NW Calgary, Alberta, Canada. T2L 0Y9 [google map]

Q:Do you repair Gore-Tex?
SA:Yes, but I do not do seam taping.
LA:I will replace zippers in your Gore product, patch rips, sew on ankle/scuff patches, etc. But, I do not do seam taping. Instead of seam tape I use Seam-Grip to seam seal the stitches. So, your item is still waterproof, it just doesn't look quite as professional (on the inside) as the factory seam taping did. The reason I do not seam tape is that aftermarket/iron-on seam tape sucks. It will peal off after one wash, if not sooner. How seam tape is applied in the factory is with huge $10,000 machines that heat the fabric and tape to specific temperatures and press the two together under significant pressure, forming a solid bond. This process cannot be successfully duplicated in the aftermarket setting.

Q: Do you fix welded seams?
LA:I cannot weld seams. I therefore recommend sending your item back to the manufacturer to get it re-welded. If this is not possible, I may be able to stitch your welded seam/zipper. I have to see your item before I can tell you. Generally, welded backpack seams are stitch-able and welded clothing seams are not.

Q:Do you work with Leather?
SA: No.
LA: Sewing and working with leather requires tools, needles, machines, glue and techniques that I do not have.

Q: How do I care for my Alpine Threadworks product?
SA:Keep it clean!!!
LA:Your Alpine Threadworks product can be machine washed on cold and hung to dry. Your AT products' fabric and especially its zippers, benefit immensely if kept clean. Dirt in a zipper acts like sandpaper and can grind away the zipper teeth and sliders in no time. A zipper that is put through heavy use when dirty can wear out in a matter of months, whereas a properly cared for zipper can last 10-15 years. The analogy is like dumping sand into the oil tank of your car and wondering why your engine wore out. Wash your gear!!

Q:Do you have a showroom or are your products in stores?
SA: No.
LA: However, you are more than welcome to come to my sew shop [google-map] to check out my products. Please call me at 403.700.4741 first.

Q: Do you give discounts to Guides & other outdoor professionals?
SA: Respectfully, no.
LA: Alpine Threadworks' pricing formula does not have any markups of any kind. I need to get every penny of the given price to make it worth my while. So, my prices are essentially wholesale. I have *MANY* ACMG, IFMGA Guides, instructors, ski patrolers, National Park Public Safety Wardens, etc, happily paying full price for my products because they know my products are the best.

Q: Will you sell me fabric and other materials?
SA: Yes.
LA: Call or write me for prices.

Q:I have an idea for a product. Will you make this custom product for me?
SA: Sure, for a small fortune. Haha, just joking around; but in all seriousness, making one off products are, generally, not economically viable.
LA: My shop is really busy and operates at full capacity year round. If I am to step away from this fully operational shop to make/design your custom item, I need to be compensated for my time. Designing and making a new product can easily take 20-40+ hours of shop time plus field testing, tweaking, re-making, more field get the idea. When I do this for my own products all that design time is paid for bit-by-bit with each sale. That same amount of time put into just one custom item makes for a heck of a price tag!

Q:What is your Warranty?
A: If you are not happy with any aspect of your Alpine Threadworks product I will do whatever is necessary to rectify the problem, including repair, replacement, or full refund.

If your Selkirk Pack rubbed against the metal frame of your ski-doo while bouncing down a logging road for 85km and a small hole developed, then I'll fix it for a reasonable fee (true story)!